This summer has been an excellent start to the research that I will be doing. I hope to continue this research during the school terms. First let us talk about what has been accomplished. The liquid data for my composition (Zr36Ni64) has been configured in the RMC process and Voronoi analysis has been done. There is continuation to these parts with error analysis, with more iterations, another composition I would also like to investigate. The side project of measuring density manually and the preparation for the Advanced Photon Source went well. At Argonne National Lab the experiment and all the work that we did there was a wonderful experience. I would probably say that that was one of the best weeks for me. Now lastly there was an attempt at serial communication with the microbalance used in density measurements. This went awry and this project’s difficulties hit me the hardest. However I was able to do some troubleshooting and narrow down the possible problems in the communication process. Eventually I hope to be able to communicate successfully. Lastly the work as a whole, being a group member of Professor Mauro’s research team inspired my to try and do great things. Thank you, Professor Mauro. The team we had performed quite well, I would say in the search for what makes a better glass former and I hope to contribute more in the following year(s).