“Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.”
Werner Heisenberg, Across the Frontiers


Welcome to Science Land!  Amongst these pages you’ll find information about my research, the courses I teach, and the students who make those two previous items worth doing.  As a researcher, I’m interested primarily in the physics and chemistry of phase transformations.  Very briefly, take a look around- and ask “how did all of this come to be?”  Regardless of your profession or your particular identification with a spiritual entity, I hope that you’ll think about the world in terms of phase transformations, that is, the process by which the present state of the universe (or a small part of it) came to be.  I focus on the experimental and theoretical problems that confront us when we try to describe or predict phase transformations.

As a teacher I’m most interested in helping my students to achieve their goals.  Over the years, I have been greatly fortunate to have meet, taught, and been taught by some extraordinarily bright students.  Some of the content from my courses is available on this website, but most is not.  Contact me (link above) for a conversation or access to course content.  I think that many of the same attributes that make a researcher successful can make a teacher successful.  I have always found that the most rewarding aspects of my work are those involving teaching and my students and I continue to be humbled every day by the challenges teaching well presents.

Curriculum Vitae