Technical Biography

Nicholas A. Mauro

Assistant Professor of Physics

St. Norbert College

Faculty Employment

2018 – Present: St. Norbert College, Assistant Professor of Physics

2015 – 2018:  North Central College, Assistant Professor of Physics

2013 – 2015: Lawrence University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

2011 – 2013:  Washington University, Post-Doctoral Research Associate


Ph.D Physics, Washington University, 2011

M.A. Physics, Washington University, 2008

B.A. Physics, Lawrence University, 2005

Research Interests

  • Exploration of structural evolution in metallic glass-forming liquids and ionic liquids
  • Metallic alloy development
  • Ionic liquid development
  • Development of sample environments for extreme processing of materials

Selected Publications

“X-ray scattering investigation of ion aggregation in imidazolium-based ionic liquids upon doping with lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium and cesium salts.” N. C. Boaz, E. L. Smigla, C. Stippich, C. Voss, and N. A. Mauro.  Journal of Molecular Liquids302(2020)112540.

Temperature Dependence of Static Structure Factor Peak Intensities for a Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic Liquid.”  T. Mackoy, N. A. Mauro, and R. A. Wheeler. Journal of Physical Chemistry B123 (2019) 1672.

Measurements of structural and chemical order in Zr80Pt20 and Zr77Rh23 liquids.”  M. L. Johnson, M. E. Blodgett, K. A. Lokshin, N. A. Mauro, J. Neuefeind, C. Pueblo, D. G. Quirinale, A. J. Vogt, T. Egami, A. I. Goldman, and K. F. Kelton.  Physical Review B.  Phys. Rev. B 93 (2016) 054203.

Electrostatic levitation facility optimized for neutron diffraction studies of high temperature liquids at a spallation neutron source.N. A. Mauro, A. J. Vogt, K. S. Derendorf, M. L. Johnson, G. E. Rustan, D. G. Quirinale, A. Kreyssig, K. A. Lokshin, J. C. Neuefeind, Ke An, Xun-Li Wang, A. I. Goldman, T. Egami and K. F. Kelton.  Review of Scientific Instruments. 87 (2016) 013904.

Underlying structural basis for liquid fragility.”  N. A. Mauro, M. Blodgett, M. L. Johnson, A. J. Vogt, K. F. Kelton.  Nature Communications5 (2014) 4616.