Tail Normalization and Temperature Evolution

The two documents attatched detail the finalized procedure for normalizing the high q tails (815) and my work analyzing the resulting S(q)’s within each chain length as a function of temperature (the other ones). The temperature analysis had to be broken down into separate files to deal with upload limitations.










Tail Work

The attatched document details my work so far on various tail lengths for CXmPyrrTFSI ionic liquids.TailLength



The attached document details my notes regarding work on the trend mentioned near the end of the previous post’s document.

Getting Underway

Attatched is a document detaling notes for my initial work on the ionic liquid analysis. It primarily details ways I’ve tried to approach an issue that arose in our analysis early on for the ionic liquids, in that the s(q) graph did not oscillate about one at high q, but instead dipped down indefinitely.


Notes on Mettalic Glass Work

Attatched is a document containing notes for my work with diffraction data of the mettalic glass Cu47Zr45Al8. This is mostly me getting the ground under my feet in terms of the X-Ray Batch program used to do my data analysis.

Notes for Cu47Zr45Al8 6

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