Week 1

I looked at the Zr36Ni64 system. For all of the different temperatures of this system the preliminary files were generated from the experimental results.From this the S(q)’s and g(r)’s for this system were compared with one another at the different temperatures. An unconstrained Reverse Monte Carlo was executed on this system at room temperature. The resulting atom positions were then used in an initial running of the voronoi programs to generate a list of voronoi indices without the removal of outliers.The Procedure: Week 1 Procedure. The plots:1comparing_the_grs_for_the_various_temperatures_for_zr36ni64 comparing_the_sqs_for_the_various_temperatures_for_zr36ni64 glass_and_liquid_height_of_the_first_gr_peak_as_a_function_of_temperature_for_zr36ni64 glass_and_liquid_height_of_the_first_sq_peak_as_a_function_of_temperature_for_zr36ni64. The observations: Observations1. The equations and R^2 for the heights of S(q)1 and g(r) as functions of temperature separated by state: Equations1.