Fragility Index and Uncertainty for CuZrAl

The excel file where the fragility index and uncertainty was calculated is attached below.


Poster Information

This is the PDF of my poster from summer research.

The PowerPoint file is too large to upload, so that file will be emailed accordingly to any recipients.


Written Sections for the Paper on CuZrAl Compositions

These are the parts that I have worked on for the paper.

The outline consists of some articles I thought would be helpful for the introduction portion. The abstract is from the poster I made over the summer. The results draft is what it sounds like, a rough draft of the results section.


poster abstract

Results Draft

Octave Codes and Analysis for Liquid Metallic Glass-Forming Alloys

This is the manual for the octave scripts. It elaborates on how to use the scripts and what they do. The scripts will be up in the near future, or emailed to the needed recipients. There currently is an issue preventing the scripts from being uploaded onto this site.

Octave Scripts Manual

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